Our exclusive services and special features

The farm Oberparthenhof awaits you with several unique features to make your stay more and more pleasant.

To start with, we offer you a mild climate, fresh mountain air, gorgeous alpine settings and a breathtaking panorama of the Ultental Valley. Enjoy a timeout in the sign of peace, nature and countryside traditions. Let the rural atmosphere of our house enchant you and turn your stay into something unique. A stay at our farm is never boring. A stay at our farm is always an unforgettable experience…

Here you find some of our services and unique features:

We are very proud of it and love to share it with our guests: our own water source, directly from the unspoilt nature of our mountains. You are welcome to help yourselves!

Your wellbeing, the one of our animals and of our environment are very important to us. Therefore, we try to safeguard our planet using renewable energies.

On request we are pleased to supply you with fresh bread baked by the biological baker of the village or directly by us!

Our garden provides us with different vegetables: zucchini, carrots, salad, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. On request you can help yourselves!

In summer and autumn, our fruit-trees and shrubberries give us tasty fruits: raspberries, strawberries, currants, cherries, apricots, apples, … All this at your disposal!

Our four horses have become part of our farm. They live all your round on the meadows around the farm. Once a week we offer you and your children the opportunity to take a tour on foot or on their back. We will accompany you and show you how to handle these beautiful animals in the most respectful way.

In addition you are welcome to help us to brush them, wash them, saddle them, etc.

We will be pleased to pick-up guests arriving by public transport and drive them back at their departure.

Ultner Brot, St. Walburg, 0473 795 327
Fritz Trafoier, St. Nikolaus, 0473 790 124

General stores
Bauernladen sea-wies, Kuppelwies, 0473 795 390
Despar Kofler Kurt, St. Walburg, 0473 796 110
Marlene Wenin, St. Walburg, 0473 795 022
Kichsteiger, St. Walburg, 0473 795 349
Obweg, St. Walburg, 0473 795 331
Egger Aloisia, St. Nikolaus, 0473 790 212
Kainz Laden, St. Gertraud, 0473 798 099
Proveiser Bergladele, Proveis, 0463 532 001

Butcher shops
Metzgerei Gruber, St. Walburg, 0473 795 348
St. Pankraz, 0473 787 110

Stationery shops | Tobacco shops | Newspapers | Lotto
Gugga, St. Walburg, 0473 421 451

Distillery Kapaurer, St. Walburg, 0473 795 050

Footwear and leather goods
Johann Georg Berger, St. Walburg, 0473 795 414
St. Nikolaus, 0473 790 126

At the following link you find the current timetables of the bus connections Meran – Ultental Valley, Deutschnonsberg – Ultental Valley and St. Gertraud – Weissenbach.

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